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  • KBITS Incubation Centre
    To encourage entrepreneurship and innovation it is proposed to establish incubation centers in Information & Communication and Technology (ICT) sector in association with the selected engineering colleges in the district headquarters. Government of Karnataka has decided to implement the above proposal through Karnataka Biotechnology & Information Technology Services (KBITS)
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  • V I S I O N

    To be a trend setting Institution in Technical Education and Research, providing highly competent, efficient manpower to meet the ever-changing needs of the country, industry and the society.

    M I S S I O N

    To be an ideal institution providing quality Technical Education and Training to students in tune with the evolving challenges and social needs through a flexible and innovative learning process, enabling the students to excel in their professions and careers with a high degree of integrity and ethical standards.

  • Facilities

    BLDEA's V.P. Dr P.G. Halakatti College of Engg & Tech offers fantastic facilities and services to its students. Information about the College Bus facility, Library, Hostel accommodation, sports grounds, Health Centre, ATM, Internet and much more. Students can also enjoy the comfortable and sociable surroundings of their Student Unions.

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  • Central Library

    Library occupies a place of pride at BLDEA's V.P. Dr P.G.Halakatti College of Engg & Tech of Colleges and is an essential component of the college's outstanding research and education mission. Recognizing the role of library and information services in meeting the requirements of the college's academic, research and training programmers, the Library was set-up as one of the key divisions of the BLDEA's V.P.Dr P.G.Halakatti College of Engg & Tech.

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  • Sports & Cultural

    Sports Club

    BLDEA's V.P. Dr P.G. Halakatti College of Engg & Tech offers a wide range of sports facilities with student sports club. also students' are facilitied for national & state level sport tournaments with training in between studying.

    Cultural Activities

    If you are interested in the fields of arts, music or the like, BLDEA's V.P.Dr P.G.Halakatti College of Engg & Tech offers you numerous possibilities with Cultural Centre

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